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It’s true that Mists of Pandaria has vastly improved upon the Cataclysm formula. The quests are a heck of a lot better and definitely more immersive, but no one plays World of Warcraft for the quests, or at least no one we’ve heard of. Endgame is almost half of the World of Warcraft experience, and the majority of us don’t have time to rush to level 90 like some of the world first runners on Twitch.tv, but this doesn’t mean that you have to let real-life concerns and other circumstances hold you back from being able to get in on the action. Our WoW powerleveling boosts are perfect for gamers with full-time jobs, school, or other obligations. If you’d like us to level multiple characters to level 90, we give discounts on powerleveling bundles! Ask us about buying multiple WoW powerleveling services, and we’ll give you a good deal.

Once you’ve hit level 90 in Mists of Pandaria, a whole new world opens up for your character. You’ll be able to begin the highly-rewarding daily quests on the continent of Pandaria, farm mats with ease, participate in Looking for Raid, and compete in rated battlegrounds and arenas. If you’re done sitting at 85 on an alt or on your main, you need to get in contact with us right now! Our WoW powerleveling is the safest service in the industry. We can play around your schedule, if you’d prefer. For example, if you want to hop on for a few hours every day to enjoy World of Warcraft with your friends, we can easily adjust our powerleveling schedule to suit your needs. Our WoW powerleveling supports all classes, be it Druid, Hunter, Warlock, Warrior, Priest, or anything other class. We’ll boost your character through all of the required quests and content in Mists of Pandaria to reach max level.

You also get to keep all of the items and gold we acquire on your character during the WoW powerleveling process, and this also includes rare BoE drops that you can sell down the road for big cash, as well as rare items from Mists of Pandaria rarespawn creatures. Before we begin the WoW powerleveling service, you’ll need to remove the Battle.net authenticator from your account to avoid impeding the progress of the sale. You may also receive a password reset email, and this can be remedied by navigating to the Battle.net website and resetting your password.

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